Products & Services

Products & Services

As the core business of Safra National Bank of New York ("Safra National"), private banking is our mission and all other activities cater first and foremost to this area. Safra National offers a comprehensive range of services to meet the global needs of a select group of high-net worth individuals, their families and their respective businesses. By establishing and maintaining long-term client relationships built on trust; providing easy access to our senior management team; offering personalized concierge services; and having a model that allows flexibility and a quick decision making process; Safra National is at the forefront of the private banking industry.

To meet our clients’ specialized needs, Safra National offers access to a full array of banking products and services that complement our exceptional client focus and unquestioned integrity, dedication and experience. These include the full range of credit, deposit, custody and brokerage services (brokerage services are offered through our brokerage subsidiary Safra Securities LLC). Clients have access to the full range of traditional banking products such as ATM/Debit Cards, credit cards, checks, internet banking, bill payment and other cash management services. Additionally, discretionary and non-discretionary advisory services are offered through our investment advisory affiliate, J.Safra Asset Management. The trust and confidence our clients have placed in us is critical to our success. We maintain this trust and confidence through our consultative partnership approach to client service, our conservative approach to risk and our unwavering adherence to our principles.


Safra National through its Treasury Area or through its brokerage subsidiary, offers access to products and services to satisfy the most demanding investment needs of its clients. Safra National has global trading capabilities in fixed-income securities including U.S. and emerging markets fixed-income instruments and structured products, as well as equities (U.S. and worldwide), precious metals, options and foreign exchange operations.

Safra National has particular expertise in the following product areas:

  • U.S., other developed countries and Latin America debt Instruments,

    such as corporate bonds, commercial paper, foreign currency time deposits, sovereign bonds, U.S. Treasuries, U.S. agency securities and municipal bonds.

  • Structured Products and Derivatives:

    interacts with counterparties and provides various structured products (fixed income and equity) for Safra National’s sophisticated clients.

  • Equities and Options:

    facilitates trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ and other stock exchanges worldwide to accommodate clients’ execution orders based on clients’ needs.

  • Currency and Precious Metals:

    offers competitive pricing of foreign exchange instruments, derivative products and non-deliverable forwards to help clients hedge their investment exposure.

International Trade Finance

To meet clients’ needs in foreign trade endeavors, Safra National Bank of New York maintains a full range of trade-financing services, including: commercial and standby letters of credit, performance and bid bonds; documentary collections, and import, export and forfeit financing.

Mutual Funds and Alternative Investments

Safra National also gives its clients access to an extensive universe of mutual funds through its broker dealer subsidiary Safra Securities LLC, and alternative investments, leveraging off the expertise of its affiliate J. Safra Asset Management Corporation.

Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is gold in its purest form. The metal may be smelted into gold coins or gold bars of different sizes. The price of gold bullion is set by market forces of supply and demand. Twice a day, the latest gold price is fixed at the London gold fixing . Gold bullion is traded in physical form, and also through futures and options contracts.

Gold bullion is available for sale in the following form:

  • Safra 0.50-ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar

    Safra 0.50-ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar

  • J Safra 0.50- ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar

    J Safra 0.50- ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar

  • Joseph Safra 0.50- ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar

    Joseph Safra 0.50- ounce .9999 pure gold bullion bar